Measuring Impact

All Ad Council initiatives are insight-driven, taking an audience-first approach in all phases of campaign design, implementation and optimization. With each campaign, we establish measurable objectives, immerse ourselves in the issue and audience mindset and media ecosystem to design strategic creative and digital solutions to empower our audiences to make a change to help themselves, their families, or their communities.

Evaluation is a critical component of every Ad Council campaign. We conduct research to assess a campaign’s effectiveness through a dashboard of indicators around exposure, awareness, engagement, and impact, employing test-and-learn practices throughout.

How a campaign comes to life
Our purpose is to make a measurable difference in people’s lives. All Ad Council campaigns take an audience-first approach in six key steps:

How We Measure Impact

Once the campaign has launched, our work has just begun. We focus on four key metrics to gauge what’s working and identify opportunities to increase awareness and engagement.
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We use the latest cutting-edge tools to track all donated media support, placement, impressions, and coverage to closely monitor our reach.
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We utilize a continuous tracking instrument that provides us with a steady read-out on awareness, attitudes and behaviors—and we also conduct point-in-time tracking surveys.
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We track engagement across campaign websites, social media platforms, and other digital properties.
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We measure attitudinal and behavioral shifts among the campaigns target audience—and we monitor external data trends in research conducted by government agencies and other nonprofits.


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