Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions we might have missed, feel free to reach out to for general questions or for digital asset (Banner / Online Video) questions. Thank you for your support!
How does the Ad Council distribute PSAs?
Through our emails, we distribute our TV, Radio, Magazine and Newspaper materials, all free and ready to run! We've also partnered with Extreme Reach to provide all Ad Council TV and Radio PSAs to Extreme Reach subscribers. Let us know at if you'd like to sign up for our emails!
How do I stay up to date on new Ad Council PSAs?
When you sign up to access our PSAs, there’s a checkbox to sign up for our email updates. Additionally, contact to receive our printed materials. You can also regularly check our Find Assets section and search by release date to see what’s the most recent.
Why do I need to register to download?
We would like to provide you with a customized user experience. By logging on to the site, can store your preferences, maintain your Download Center, and provide you with a record of your site activity and user profile. You can still preview our PSAs without registering!
How do I find the specific PSA I'm looking for?
On the Find Assets page, you can search by keyword, select a media type, search by language, issue area, target audience, as well as release and expiration dates. Be sure to select your media type first to see other possible filtering options.
How do I download multiple assets/ads in bulk via the Download Center?
You can download multiple files at one time using our Download Center tool. First, add the assets you want to the Download Center by clicking on the Add to Download Center button next to each asset. When you are done adding items to your Download Center, go to "Download Center" in the Our Work or User Profile dropdown, and then click the "Download" button.

In the Download Center, there are 2 tabs: "Ready to Download” and “Ready to Request”. If you have added banners or online video, you will find these assets under the “Ready to Request” tab.
I am an Extreme Reach subscriber. How can I receive via the Extreme Reach platform?
Please check with your Traffic Department to access the latest television and radio PSAs via the Extreme Reach Platform. For technical support, or to determine if your station is currently an Extreme Reach affiliate, please email or call 800.324.5672. If you can't find the spots you are interested in on the Extreme Reach platform, please let us know at and we'll be happy to help.
Do PSAs come with specific traffic instructions?
While we generally don't dictate specific times and dates to air our PSAs, we have a variety of tools to help you run PSAs that are seasonally or topically relevant. You can find the PSA Catalog, updated quarterly, and the PSA Calendar, updated annually in the media planning section. Both tools discuss when campaigns would be most effectively shared. If you'd like more recommendations on what to air and when, feel free to reach out to
Do PSAs have expiration dates?
Yes! All Ad Council PSAs have an expiration date. After a PSA expires it must be removed from air and online. You can find this information listed next to each asset. Additionally, you can find a personalized expiration list in your account. Simply click your user icon at the top right, when logged in, then select My Activity. You will see expiration dates under the Downloaded and Requested tabs.
I can't download digitally. Can I still get PSAs?
Please reach out to us at and we will find a solution.
I'm a media partner looking to donate space, how do I use your site?
You can do so by signing up for a completely free account. You'll need to select "Media Partner" and provide us with your organization, role, and other pertinent information. After registering, you'll have complete access to all current PSAs and can either download one-at-a-time or in bulk, by adding to your download center.
I'm an educator, how do I use the new site?
Thanks for your interest in spreading our PSAs to your students. You can register with the site by selecting the "Educator" user type during the sign-up process. All PSAs will be available for your use, per the Terms of Use.
I'm a campaign sponsor, how do I use your site?
Thanks for being our partner! You can register with the site by selecting the “Campaign Sponsor” user type during the sign-up process. After registering, you can navigate to your campaign by either searching in the search bar or finding your campaign on the "All Campaigns" page.
What are the general terms of use for Ad Council PSAs?
Please refer to our extended Terms of Use page for more detailed information. Basic terms state you may not modify/alter the PSAs in any way unless authorized; the PSAs may only be placed in donated media and not on any media that is purchased; the PSAs may not be placed on any piracy or other illegal sites or media outlets; they also may not be placed on pornographic sites. You may not use the PSA in any manner that would imply an association with any commercial enterprise. Use of the PSAs is only permitted through the applicable expiration period.
Can an advertiser sponsor an existing Ad Council PSA?
Please note that each sponsorship opportunity must be considered and approved on an individual, case by case basis. The following categories would be unacceptable as sponsors for any Ad Council campaign: tobacco products, alcohol products, pharmaceuticals and any for-profit lobbying groups, organizations and other products that clearly conflict/counter the PSA’s message.

If you have a specific sponsorship opportunity in mind, please email and provide all applicable information including your media outlet's name and DMA, proposed sponsor's name, proposed sponsor's business type, and the campaign of interest.
Where can I find former PSAs?
To find PSAs that are no longer active, please reach out to If you're looking for some of the classics, you can learn more here.
The downloaded videos do not play on my PC.
Most of the file formats are intended for broadcast and editing systems. You can download the free VLC player available at which will play all formats on this site.
Can I use television assets for online placements?
The television assets are not to be used for online placements. If you are looking for assets to serve online, please see the banner or online video types in the Find Assets section.
How do I download Banner/Online Video assets?
To keep track of our digital placements, banner and online video assets must be "Requested", not "Downloaded." While you can preview our PSAs, requesting assets allows us to begin work on your 3rd party tags. Implementing these tags requires access to an ad network or server such as Doubleclick for Publishers. Our assets are only to be served within the United States. 2-3 assets are recommended per campaign. Typically, tagged assets are available within 24-48 business hours of the request. More than one campaign is recommended for publishers serving a large inventory. Remember to enter the URL where the asset will run and your organization into the request pop-up for the digital content you are requesting.
Do I have to request digital PSAs one-by-one?
Not at all! You can add multiple assets to your Download Center then request all of them at once with a single request form.
What is Online Video?
The assets under the online video tab are strictly for online use and are formatted for those purposes.
Do you have scripts for our radio announcer to read on air rather than playing a spot?
Yes. Every Ad Council campaign with Radio assets also produces Live Announcer Copy in various lengths (:30, :15, :10, etc.). Search for live announcer copy under media type to find a script that works for you.
Can I get the original files and resize print PSAs myself?
The Ad Council does not permit cropping or modifications of our print PSAs. Resizes can be requested, and if the campaign(s) budget(s) allow, they will be done by the Ad Council design studio and sent to the publication.
My publication would like to donate space for sizes that are not listed on the site. Do you offer resizes?
Yes, whenever our campaign budgets allow. Please email with the specifications and details of the requested resize.
Out Of Home
How can I order flex, paper, and vinyl outdoor?
Please email with your contact details (Organization name, Contact name, title, email address, shipping address and DMA), so you can be added to our outreach database or to place an order.
How can I access digital outdoor?
Select "Out of Home" media type in the Find Assets section to access digital posters, bulletins, bus shelters, and square displays. Submit self-reporting to